Drinking Pool















Play a regular game of pool as you normally would with your friends. Each player must have their own drink. Note you may have to drink your partner’s drink so have something that your partner will enjoy too! Just add these rules for drinking depending on what happens:

  • Teams chug for break. The team of the first person to finish gets to break.
  • If player makes a ball, both members of the opposing team take a drink.
  • If player misses a ball, his/her team drinks.
  • For each ball made in a row, the opposing team has to take that many drinks. So if you made your 2nd ball in a row, opposing team has to take 2 drinks. For your third ball in a row the opposing team takes 3 drinks, and so on.
  • If player commits any foul, opposing team is awarded Ball-In-Hand (they get to place the cue ball wherever they want) and your team has to take a drink.
  • Losing team must chug the rest of their drinks and refill the winning team.
  • Time out will be called for any player to refill his/her drink, however since you are a team your partner must also finish their drink so you can refill together.
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