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Bueno ya que tantos de vosotros nos habéis pedido Glop Game para descargarlo en PDF en esta web lo podréis encontrar.   GLOP GAME PDF

Glop Game Los Juegos para beber

Glop Game

Si buscas un juego original para una noche junto con amigos y amigas, uno de ellos es Glop Game. Se trata de un juego para beber en el que debes competir con tus amigos con cartas que traen diferentes misiones…
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Juegos para Despedida de Soltero


Cómo preparar una despedida de soltero inolvidable   Las despedidas de soltero son para pasar un momento inolvidable con amigos antes que el novio o la novia formen el matrimonio. Es un momento único para disfrutar y en el que…
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Supplies: 4 shot glasses, beer, a quarter, and two teams of people Set up the four shot glasses in a row going away from home base (the designated shooting spot for the quarter). Each player on the visiting team takes…
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This is a slightly more complex game, but very, very fun when mastered. This game requires a minimum of 5 people to play. High boot factor. The first hand of asshole is the establishing hand. This will decide who is…
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Beer Chess

Beer Chess is chess played with beer as the pieces. Beer chess is the unification of the intellect with the inebriated. Beer chess is stimulating brain cells as you kill them. Beer chess was created during a weekend retreat at…
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An adaptation to the classic game of Monopoly, with a slight twist. Buzz factor is very high. Supplies: players, the game itself, and beer. The game is Monopoly, but no money is needed; players use beer instead. Each $100 =…
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Judge judy

We all love Judge Judy‘s custom flavor of the law and now it’s time you reap the full benefits by getting blitzed! There are multiple levels of difficulty you can play this game on depending on how impatient you are…
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Summary – There are certain colleges where you know when you get a submission from it’s probably going to be a ridiculous drinking game that will make you eventually fall over. In an effort to not get this guy or…
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Give and Take

Summary – Give and Take is the type of game to play when you’re already pretty sauced up. This is because it’s less about drinking and more about people embarrassing themselves or saying truths they normally wouldn’t if they were…
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